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If you are looking to making some easy and effective improvements to your health (who isn’t?!) becoming aware of good posture will be of great benefit to you.  Digestive issues, low self esteem, sore muscles and joints, brain fog, shallow breathing, and low energy levels all can relate to the condition of your spine.

I’m not claiming that all of these things will completely shift when you proactively begin to cultivate good posture but having a healthy spine has so many life enhancing benefits it will undoubtedly assist you on the road to optimal health.


1. Confidence and Power

Think of how you feel when you are standing up tall, or how someone may look when standing or sitting with good posture. If you can’t visualize how it feels just take a moment here to slump forward your shoulders and pay attention to the sensations and maybe feelings that come up.  Now, root down through your sit bones or feet (creating a solid foundation on which to stand or sit) and lengthen through the crown of the head inviting length into the spine and let the shoulders gently fall away from the ears and slightly down the back.  What an incredible and quick energy shift!!  Which feels more powerful to you?  When we appear confident, we feel it too (feeling being one of the key elements in the law of attraction), which improves our moods, brain power, and decision making.

2.  More Energy

When good posture is in place it allows an improved flow of energy throughout the body, opening channels that may have previously been blocked and giving more life giving breath to our hard working organs, muscles, and joints.  Tension in the body creates obstructions to our energy bodies (shocking hmmm?).  Thats right folks.  A simple correction in posture can boost that fuel behind your fire.  We all know how many more benefits flow when we have more energy!

3.  Weight Loss

By simply carrying yourself better you take tension off of the entire body allowing all the bodies systems to flow with more ease and grace.  Besides that just standing with good posture you can take 3-5 pounds off of your appearance. Exciting news right?!

4.  Awareness

By making a commitment to improved posture you develop an awareness- a re-training of the body/mind if you will.  It may take some time, but just deciding to stand taller and then checking your posture repeatedly throughout the day allows you time to check in with yourself and make conscious corrections towards better health.  Before you know it, you will have conquered what could have been a long term pattern, by simply being aware!

5.  Spiritual Connection

The spine is known as “The River of Life” and holds some pretty exciting keys to our spiritual lives.  By simply drawing awareness into the spine and directing it upward we subtly yet effectively begin to awaken the kundalini at the base of the spine.  What in the world is Kundalini you may ask?  It is a vital, vibrant, energetic life force that for many of us lies dormant, sleeping at the base of the spine.  By visualizing light energy flowing up your spine and a quick correction in posture you can gift yourself the soul qualities it brings of wisdom, inspiration, creativity, love, joy, and peace. The greater your will, the greater the flow of energy (this works in all areas of your life, not just drawing light up your spine).  It’s important to not overthink this- it really is just as simple as a visualization, a feeling, or asking.

6.  Pain relief

When we sit and stand hunched over our muscles and joints begin pulling on one another creating havoc in our bodies.  By standing up taller, we make more room for our energy and breath to flow optimally, nourishing and relieving the entire body.

7.  Stronger core

Good posture keeps those abdominal muscles engaged as we move throughout our day.   I don’t think there is an easier or less painful way to tone the abs- thank you universe!

8.  Detox

Standing tall and in our power allows the rib cage and diaphragm to fully expand and contract allowing the breath to flow more freely.  This increases the amount of toxins we release from the body.  Our breath is the most effective force we have in the removal of toxins.  I dig it.

It is also key to remember here that if you have injury to your spine preventing you from being able to stand tall, the power of intent rules all.  All we have to do is ask.  We all have the full blown right to experience our lives here on earth as vibrant and fulfilled beings and the universe is conspiring to make it happen for us in any way that it works.

Tips to Achieving Good Posture

There are so many wonderful and fun ways to be guided to better posture.  Treating yourself to massage, yoga classes, or group exercise classes is a great place to find advice and reap the many benefits they have to offer.   The golden ticket to good posture and optimal health is your ability to remain present and aware throughout your day.

Go out there and stand in your power- show the world what you’ve got!

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