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The heart chakra is the fourth center in the Chakra system and is located at the center of the chest at heart level.   Its color is green, and relates to sense of touch.  If you are experiencing grief, judgement towards others or your self, jealousy, intolerance, or loneliness- the heart chakra is a good place to look to for relief.   Harmonious function of the Anahata Chakra brings about feelings of happiness, balance, compassion, unity, peace, and love.  I’ve yet to meet anyone who wouldn’t benefit from spending some time with intention to healing this center.

Balancing the Heart Chakra

There are many ways to bring balance to the heart chakra which I will touch on in another article, but I will give you some ideas here.  Specific essential oils, stones, chest and heart opening yogic back bends,  color, tones, and meditation are all ways to activate our love center.

Power of Intent

This meditation script will guide you and/or your students to tap into the heart inviting in the healing and loving energy this center wants to provide for us.  The magical power of intent allows us to receive the gifts more fully so starting with a simple statement of “may my heart chakra be opened and receive the healing it wishes to receive” or “I intend to open my heart to unconditional love” will be of greater benefit to you.

Heart Chakra Guided Meditationheart-583895_1920

Coming into a comfortable seated position, begin to feel the connection of your sit bones unto the earth. Rooting down, allow your spine to gently drift up towards the sky all the way through the crown of your head. As you inhale, allow your shoulders to gently fall away from the ears softly resting down the back. Feel your collarbones wide and heart open.

Begin now to watch the flow of life giving breath throughout your body. Become an outside observer of all the areas the body gently moves as you fill yourself with life force.

We will now begin a breathing exercise to cleanse the nervous system and bring balance to the bodies systems. Make “peace fingers” with your right hand and place the fingertips at the third eye center. Use the thumb to close off the right nostril and breathe deep into your belly through the left nostril. Pause at the top a breath or two and then close off the left nostril and exhale right. Inhale fully through the right nostril, pause at the top, and exhale left. Inhale left and repeat this exercise for several minutes.  Let the inhalation and exhalation be of the same length, any length that works for you.  Use the mantra “I am” on your inhale, and “love” on your exhale.

Allow yourself now to come back to regular breathing and float a moment in the cleansed energy field you have just created for yourself.

With your hands palms up on the thighs take Mudra of the Heart by folding in middle and ring finger towards the palm as to touch the tip of your thumb. Fold your index finger in allowing it to touch the base of the thumb, and pinky finger stretched outward. This will assist us in strengthening the heart and increasing blood flow throughout this meditation.

Starting now to think of a time when you felt unconditional love- whether towards someone else, perhaps a child, or when someone unconditionally loved you. Begin to cultivate the feelings you experienced as you felt this all-encompassing love. Joy, Freedom, Peace- whatever comes up for you allow it to flow into your heart space and then ripple into every cell of your being.

Visualize now at your heart center a beautiful and glowing green vortex. As it spins it begins to cleanse the heart space of any jealousy, intolerance, and self-doubt- anything else that comes up for you that no longer serves, inviting it to be released through the spinning green vortex.

As this vortex has been cleansed it begins to gain momentum, growing ever more vibrant in color and larger in size. It begins to encircle and then fill your entire being nourishing each and every cell with unconditional love, peace, compassion, and joy.


Imagine now that you are walking through a lush green forest. You begin to take in the silence that surrounds you- and the only thing you can hear is the beating of you heart.   Notice how the forest is alive with sensation also, its natural rhythm beating along with yours. As you continue to walk you notice the sun’s rays pouring through the branches of the lush green trees. You pause to feel and absorb these rays, inviting them in to cleanse and charge the heart chakra. Continue imagining this until the heart space feels light and open. With every breath that you take you feel more alive, more in touch with your true nature of love.

Feel again your sit bones in connection to the earth. Visualize roots flowing from the base of your spine and moving into the core of the earth. Gently start to blink open your eyes, bringing awareness back into the space.

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