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chakra meditationIf you are interested in improving your health and well being, looking to the Chakra system for healing and guidance is a fun and effective way to correct imbalances in the human energy system which directly affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.   Meditation on its own, without addressing a specific center, is also of great worth for your general well-being.

Ways to Balance the Chakras

There are many ways to address the Chakra system to invoke a healthy flow of energy throughout our energy bodies.  There are many ways to do this, which I will get into in another post, but it is important to know that we have many of these tools right at our fingertips.  Trusting your intuition and checking in with the body allow us to address areas that may be compromised and take the necessary steps to healing.  Yoga poses, meditation, essential oils, foods, color, and whole-hearted intent are just a few of the simple ways you can become proactive in balancing these centers.

The Power Center

The Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus, located just above the navel, is associated with the element fire and is our power center.   When balanced it offers confidence, will power, and determination.  Sounds glorious right?!  If you are feeling weak willed, unreliable, overly aggressive, extra stubborn, or have problems with the digestive system, looking to the solar plexus will be worth your while.

Taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to practice this meditation is a wonderful start to regaining balance and healing that will spread seamlessly into all areas of your life.


Solar Plexus Chakra Meditationsunrays

Coming into easy pose, begin to feel the connection of your sit bones down into the earth.

Rooting down, allow your spine to gently drift up towards the sky all the way through the crown of your head. As you inhale allow the shoulders to drop away from the ears softly resting down the back.   Beginning now to watch the flow of breath throughout the body. Becoming an observer of all the areas the body gently moves as you fill yourself with life giving breath.

We will now begin to stoke our inner fire with that breath, with a breathing exercise known as the breath of fire.  Take a breath in through the nose filling up and then exhale forcefully out through the nose drawing the belly button in towards your spine on your exhalations. Continue this motion, pumping the belly with the power of your breath. There is no way to do this wrong- here is not a place to judge yourself. Listen to your inner wisdom and pause when needed, returning when you are ready. Visualize at your core flames of red, orange, and yellow growing larger and more captivating with your every breath. (Continue about 2 minutes).

Allow yourself to come back to regular breathing. Notice what you notice in your body- and feel what you feel.

Bring your hands into your heart space and spread the fingers out wide. Bring each of the fingertips together and take the mudra to hover over the solar plexus. Now drawing all your awareness into the palms of your hands begin to feel the flow of energy in this space. Setting an intention here to allow this energy to become a vibrant and healing force and inviting it to flow into the area of your solar plexus throughout this meditation.

Begin now to think of a time when you were truly standing in your own power. You felt confident, driven, and powerful.   Allow this feeling to flow into your heart space and then letting it ripple into every cell in your body.

Visualizing now at your core a beaming and beautiful yellow sun that begins to shoot out your belly cleansing your system of any judgements, poor self-worth, aggressiveness, and fatigue with its rays.

Watch now this light grow and expand growing ever more vibrant in color and larger in size. It begins to encircle and then fill your entire being nourishing each and every fiber of your being with confidence, will power, and determination. Invite now this light to rise up towards the sun.

Imagining now that you are standing outside on a beautiful sunny day in your very favorite place in nature. The sunlight beams down upon you warming your skin. Allow yourself to be charged by the rays feeling more alive with each and every breath.

Again, feel your sit bones in connection to the earth. Root down and gently begin to blink open your eyes bringing awareness back to the space.



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