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Using stones as a means to boost your energetic levels, enhance mood, and protect you from outside influences of any kind will be a force you will soon realize you want on your side.  I have the pleasure to work and learn in a metaphysical gift and book store and we offer an array of different stones.  One of the most frequent questions I receive is what to do with these beautiful little gems.  Below I offer a list of just five of my favorite ways to incorporate stones and their healing magic into my world.

So You’re Saying that Stones Can Create More Magic in my Life?

Does a bear shit in the woods?!  If you have felt hesitant about what these little (or big) guys can do for you, consider this.  Essential oils have sky rocketed in popularity due to the healing powers they offer- anxiety relief, better sleep, anti-aging, pain relief- the list goes on.  I consider stones to be the quieter big sister.   Of the earth, as are essential oils, stones carry similar effects just by having them near us.  Isn’t it a beautiful thing that we can reap the benefits of what the earth offers us, while honoring her glorious bounty?  Exciting.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take anything I can get to bring me back into alignment with my divine self, assisting me in shedding away layers of past programming.  Stones can gift you a variety of qualities which strengthen and enhance “your bubble.” If you are still having doubts, I’m assuming you are still curious so I encourage you to just give it a try.  All it takes is a little faith and awareness.  Let’s get after it folks.

Choosing a Stone for Yourself

So many stones, so little time.  Head into a rock store, or metaphysical gift and book store like this one and scan the stones.  Notice which ones are speaking to you immediately after first glance.  This is your intuition talking to you- what you are drawn to is exactly what your energy body is needing to fuel your fire.   Look up the qualities the stones offer and be amazed at how much it resonates with you.  This process never ceases to amaze me!  There are also some really awesome stone prescription books if you are seeking to pinpoint a certain issue in your life.

1. Choose Your Talisman

This is a stone you wear or keep in your pocket as a means of “good luck and fortune.”  It could be an expensive piece of stone jewelry or a $1 pocket stone from the rock store- listen to your inner wisdom and do what suits the goddess within.  The stone you choose remains with you offering your energy field the gifts of the individual stone you choose.   The talisman can be symbolic to you, a reminder of a higher power at work right in the here and NOW.  Knowing what good fortune the stone holds will enhance the effects.  Pay attention to how the stone makes you feel, and how you feel when it’s not with you.  Meditate with it to deeply tune in to mother earth’s capabilities.   Collect an assortment and switch out day to day, or you may find yourself deeply tuned into one specific piece.  There is no right or wrong here.   This is a wonderful way to introduce children to stones and they are often more tuned in than us adults.  My very busy 6 year old always gravitates towards grounding stones- Onyx, Obsidian, and Smokey Quartz.  By all means son, throw on a grounding stone!!  Mother Earth- so much gratitude to you for helping me out!  I’m sure his kindergarten teacher appreciates it too.

2. Stones in your Workplace to Increase Prosperity

Surround your workplace in stones that enhance prosperity.  Citrine is a wonderful stone for cleansing spaces of negative energy therefore enhancing the flow of abundance.  Keep it in your cash register to rid any icky energies from the money your business is handling, or leave a piece on the desk to direct your intentions into.  This can be done by simply imagining that your intention is going into the stone and thus being amplified out into the universe.  In my case as a yoga instructor, I like to sometimes bring in a large piece of quartz (Rose, Lavender, Smokey- as examples) and set in the middle of the room and include it during the intention setting process during the beginning of class.  Keep a prosperity stone near all your money, set an intention, and watch it flourish.

3. Enhancing Psychic Gifts through the Magical Power of Stones

As I prepare sacred space for a card reading, tarot or oracle, I always invite in the magical power of stones.  Quartz- an all-around amplifier of intention and energy is a wonderful stone to include in this process as well as Amethyst, Kyanite, or Lapis.   Place the stones around the cards, say a short prayer or invocation in any way that suits your individual needs.  This can be as simple as “May these cards be blessed with answers from the divine.”  Trust whole-heartedly that the cards that appear are messages from a higher power coming in to offer guidance on your most heartfelt questions.  The stones act as enhancements to your intuition, so the higher you are vibrating the more of an effect you will receive from your precious gems.

4. Bath Time Booster with Stones

Ahhhhhh sweet bath time.  Time to relax and unwind- and with the added magical power of stones, bring healing into your energy body.  Bath time for me is most certainly a sacred ritual of cleansing, balancing, and healing the auric field.  Draw yourself a nice warm bath.  Light some candles.  Maybe you sage yourself and the space you will be bathing in.  Add some of your favorite essential oils and Epsom or Himalayan salt.  Drop in a stone or two of your choosing.  I prefer larger raw chunks of stone for bath time.  Rose Quartz is so deeply healing in a gentle and loving way and assists in awakening all of the chakras.   Turn on some relaxing music and climb in.  Take this time to connect with the warrior woman within.  Tune into the breath and let yourself become an outside observer of your thoughts.  This means, noticing them- but avoiding the attachments, stories and judgements towards your human self for having a thought.  Come back to the breath and set an intention for the frequencies of your chosen stone to infuse each of your cells.  Sometimes during this process I find myself holding the stone and emptying my energy body of all that does not serve.  Experiment with being a self-healer through the energy enhancement of the stones.

5. Raise the Vibration of your Space with Stones

If your home is not feeling like a comfortable space to you, or maybe you are feeling a lack of inspiration in your home- stones are a wonderful tool from Gaia to create the space you deserve to therefore create the life of your dreams.  Find pieces that speak to you- by their sheer beauty or by the way they make you feel.  Decorate with them and hold an inner knowing that they are always there assisting you.  Placing Rose Quartz in all corners of your home produces a loving and gentle energy.   Citrine draws in prosperity and abundance and cleanses negative energies.   Let your children choose stones to decorate their rooms with- they are so tuned in and always go for exactly what they are needing.   Stone prescription books are also very helpful for choosing stones for specific issues within your home.

Remember here that stones are enhancements to what we are already projecting- so if you are living a life with lack of intent, while they still are of assistance to you in a subtle way, they will be of greater service with YOUR innate power to set magical intention.

Blessings of the earth to you in your quest.  Saluting you for being a conduit of loving energy- as we begin to heal ourselves to open the gates of healing to the rest of the world!  Namaste.

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