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About Me

Hi! I’m Kelsey. As a devoted co-creator of this universe and passionate yoga & meditation teacher, I offer easeful guidance and a gentle playfulness to assisting others in connecting with their own innate power within. Tapping into (and trusting) the unique individual gifts we each hold inside of us is truly a magical experience and contributes to the awakening of this planet as a whole. If you are looking to feel supported, connected, and in the flow of life, consider yourself a part of a new tribe.
Having spent many years asleep in cycles of addiction and misery, I finally hit rock bottom. In the midst of a mental breakdown I underwent a spiritual awakening that has left me forever changed. I have first handedly experienced the healing powers of mindful living through yoga, energetic healing, and downright whole hearted faith. If I could pull myself out of the muck in which I was submerged- anyone can. I have found myself on a mission to plant seeds of inspiration and healing magic to myself and anyone else on the journey of creating the life of their dreams.
When not writing I can be found dancing and cooking in the kitchen with my 6 year old son, practicing and teaching yoga, spreading light at Spirals, laughing with friends, crafting, or recharging in nature. With all of those lovely things said, it should be noted I can still occasionally be found in a pile of teary eyed mess on my floor where I pick up the pieces (sometimes slowly) and hop back on the road to connecting with the mystical magic within.
You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.