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I think there is something to be said about “faking it till you make it” as a way to build your confidence.  Playing with this idea can become an active way to create the life of your dreams.   Let me explain how this concept has brought me to the place of empowerment I am at today.

“Don’t fake it ’till you make it.  Fake it until you become it.”  ~ Amy Cuddy

Embarking on a Journey to Radical Self Confidence

About 5 years ago I embarked on a journey that would lead me down a road of transformation I never would’ve believed possible.   It all began at an MMA gym where I attended the first yoga class of my life.  This was very much “fitness” yoga but let me tell you it spoke to the depths of my soul.  I left that class deeply inspired and began extensively, possibly obsessively, (because that’s how this girl tends to roll) researching the practice of Yoga.  This would continue for years to come as my love for Yoga has not since dwindled, but let me tell you how confused I was to begin.  This process I underwent is what I would now call “faking it till you make it.”

I set out on this journey determined and enthralled.  The peace that flooded my being during and after practice was something I had never before experienced and was desperately seeking.  I began signing up for classes, workshops, and spent hours working on detailed vision boards purely based on my desire to become a yoga teacher.  Nearly everything I did pertained to my love for this practice.   People even began to think of me as a “yoga person.”  Everything, except the fact, that I was addicted to prescription pain killers.  Let me tell you about feeling like a fraud.  I couldn’t let go of the pain killers, was absolutely not going to let go of the yoga, and so this “lie” that I was living continued until I built myself strong enough to throw out the pills.

I certainly could have gone about this a different way- asking for help, attending treatment.  If you are using drugs my disclaimer is this: I am not telling you to not seek the help that you need and simply rely on faking sobriety to get you clean.  That does not work.  I faked sobriety the whole damn time I was an addict- in fact addicts are quite impressive at pretending to be sober.  Had I asked for help I could’ve kicked those pesky little devils to the curb long before I was finally able to on my own accord.  All I am doing is sharing my experience on how I pulled myself out of the muck in which I was submerged.  This is about the perseverance I put towards my dream to be a yoga teacher, and opiate free.  I accomplished this, partially, by faking it until I made it.  I faked the confidence I needed until it became a natural part of my being and crucial element to becoming a powerful manifestor of my reality.

In the drastic and enormously uncomfortable difference between the life I was living as a drug addict and a yoga junkie, my persistence to embody the yoga junkie won through and through.   Let me tell you about the inner confidence one has when they are popping pills before yoga class.  A regular addict usually has other addict friends, so unlike myself they aren’t constantly subjected to all these glorious beings dancing in their yogic bliss.  If you’ve ever spent time with yogis post asana you know what I’m talking about here.  You can’t help but yearn for that kind of cosmic peace, especially if you are floundering in the depths of despair as I was.  I was bound and determined to make this a way of life for me and eventually the light beat the hell out of the dark (thank you, universe.)

Fake it ‘Till You Make It, Sistar!

To be perfectly honest, I continue with this practice today.  As I begin to teach a new yoga class, or share a new idea, anything that is new to my experience, I am “faking” my confidence.  Chances are I am nervous, and quite possibly shaking in my boots.  I’ve had many friends and teachers who have commented on my confidence, but holy shit I could not even tell you how many times I felt the complete opposite.  My heart used to race quicker than a runner completing a marathon prior to teaching a yoga class, right until the point I’d begin pranayama (this primarily was included at the beginning to give me time to calm the fuck down) and even then I would cry when class was all over because of the intensity of my nerves.  As time has gone on my confidence continues to strengthen, but I attribute this to my ability to repeatedly put on my confident pants and walk the walk.  I look back now in back patting awe of where I was then and where I am at now 2 years later.

NOTE:  We really are not faking our confidence if we are acting as our higher self, which is infinitely powerful and therefore confident as all flippin get out.

Time to Get After It: Confidence Boost in a Few Simple Steps

  1. Before you leave your house, check yourself.  Scan the body, check your posture, observe how you’re feeling and if you aren’t feeling like you want to feel begin to imagine a time when you did feel on top of the world and begin to cultivate that feeling inside of you.  Feeling is one of the biggest keys to unlocking the door to the wonderful wisdom of the law of attraction.  Enriching your soul with feelings you want to feel opens magical doorways to creating the life of your dreams.  If you can’t fake it to create it today- don’t fret my dear human soul- we try again tomorrow.   Wake up, try again, and start your day with a ritual to raise your vibes.
  2. Choose a goddess (or angel, master, fairy, god- whatever floats your boat) with qualities you would like to begin to walk with.  Do a little research on the goddess of your choosing and then walk around all day as if you were that- and in all actuality you ARE that and are in the process (good job!) of remembering.  With each step that you take all day embody the traits of your prospect wholly into the very core of your being.  Remember YOU ARE THAT.  Looking to manifest abundance?  Walk as Lakshmi.  Love?  Aphrodite.  Needing creative vibes?  Saraswati.  A wonderful resource for this is the book Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton- totally worth your while if you are seeking to embody qualities of the goddess. The list goes on and on- do a little research and write yourself a goddess prescription take it with you into the street and rock it girl.
  3. When I pay a bill or go grocery shopping, instead of falling into the dread that usually accompanied such a mundane task, I joyfully offer the money as if I don’t have a care in the world about my funds and all the confidence of one with heaping piles of gold.   Feel the freedom in that- keep feeling that until it becomes a natural way of life for you- and then BAM all of the sudden you have yourself an improved experience.

Remember folks, that “merely” putting your energy into becoming a more confident and powerful being, you are allowing and inviting others to begin to embody this same paradigm and creating positive shift to our entire planet.  Blessings to you fellow lightworker…







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