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Every morning when I get into the shower I begin a ritual that assists me in showing up as the best version of myself each day. “Getting ready” for the day has taken on a whole new meaning for me- and I look forward to this sacred time with myself.

My shower releases, vitamins?

shower-653671_1280 (1)Have you ever noticed how a quick shower never fails to boost your mood? That’s because, it does. Let me explain. First, imagine you are standing in front of a glorious waterfall. How does this make you feel? Alive, vibrant, happy? I nearly burst at the seams with joy just thinking about a waterfall because that is where I feel the most alive. This is because negative ions are being released into the air which actually sends more oxygen to the brain leaving us feeling more alert, less stressed, and with increased vitality.  Think of these little guys as vitamins of the air.  Thank you negative ions! So, our showers our mini versions of this natural brilliance.

Below are the steps to turn an ordinary daily routine into a sacred vibration raising ritual:

Get your water temperature just right. Make sure you have natural/organic soaps.  This will increase the effects as you won’t be dumping more crap into your system but instead charging yourself with natural elements of the earth. Climb in the shower and hold a knowing that all of these delightful little negative ions are being released, inviting them in to your body, mind, and spirit for purification.

Note: Do not overcomplicate intention setting.  We are very complex pains in the asses to ourselves and this really is easy. Setting intention is a simple statement that you say aloud, to yourself, or write on paper. “May this shower bring purification to my body mind and spirit.” Put some heart into it.  See? Simple, yet powerfully effective.

As you are cleansing yourself imagine that the water is washing away not only physical dirt, but mental dirt as well.   If you are using soaps with essential oils know that the oils are working their way into your system to bring the life enhancing benefits they each offer. Homemade bath bombs also add natural vitamins to the air to further enhance your shower experience.  I like to check my local farmers market for awesome locally made organic bath and beauty products.  You are raising your vibration by simply contributing to the greater good, supporting other people in your community that are proactively creating the life of their dreams. It’s a win-win.

Make it a Ritual: Self Love Oil Massage

Prepare a mixture of essential oils in some kind of base oil- coconut, almond, sesame- whatever suits you.  If you aren’t familiar with essential oils do a little research to choose what suits your needs. Often times, what you are drawn to or smells best for you is exactly what your body is calling for. I just mix up enough for a couple of weeks so I never get tired of the blends I create, and use recycled containers to put it in.

TIP: Get yourself a coffee warmer (plastic containers = probably not the best idea) and turn it on before you get in the shower for sweet smelling warm oil bliss.   I enjoy feeling like a princess each and every day, this helps me accomplish that.

As you rub the mixture all over your body send loving energy to yourself from your heart and out through your hands- cultivate the feeling you have towards a dear friend, with all their “flaws” and beauty.  Repeat the healing mantra “May I be blessed, and all beings everywhere” or whisper “I love you” to yourself.  Make this work for you- any positive affirmation or loving words towards yourself will do.  It’s a good idea to choose a few affirmations or mantras and write them on your mirror so you don’t even have to come up with something early in the morning.  There is a beautiful list of affirmations here to get you started.  Boda-bing, boda-boom.  AM brain power saved for another task.  Send gratitude to each of your beautiful body parts for what they do for you each day.

Make it a Ritual: Loving Conversation with Yourself

Next, take a look in the mirror.  Correct that posture, and stand up nice and tall.  You are really going to have to let your inner weirdo out here if you choose to add this step to your ritual.  I do, however, highly recommend this act of radical self love.  Stare at yourself in the mirror.  Tell yourself out loud that you love yourself.  Tell yourself you are beautiful and sexy, and help to release this outdated paradigm that it is not okay to be in love with ourselves.  Repeat to yourself all of the things you are doing right.  Only focus on that. Carry this with you throughout the day. HOLY SHIT BATMAN.  Do this for a couple weeks and see how you become powerful in all areas of your life.   If you have 10 extra minutes add this EFT video by Brad Yates- this guy blows my socks off in the vibration raising department.

Enhancing Your Ritual

There are many add-ons to incorporate into a blissful morning experience.  Yoga, meditation, EFT tapping, Chi Gong, journaling, the list goes on and on.  It’s amazingly beautiful how many choices we have to suit each of our individual crazy human needs.  I recommend (a-hem, INSIST) that you gift yourself at least an hour of self care time of your choosing each morning. Shift things up, or stay consistent- it’s only important to do what’s best for you.  Watch how your days begin to flow with ease and grace.  Remember that by empowering and caring for yourself- you are contributing to universal consciousness and for that I salute you.

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