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The throat chakra is the 5th chakra and located- you got it- right at the throat.   Its color is blue and when balanced it allows us the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, honor and live by our OWN truth, and express ourselves creatively.  That being said, if you are experiencing fear of speaking, difficulty putting your feelings into words, maybe feeling a bit shy or withdrawn- or are out of touch with your own desires- the throat chakra is a wonderful place to look for relief. 

Give the Throat Chakra a Tune up!

There are so many ways to bring balance into this center which I will get into in another article. Any stones that are blue (Lapis, Sodalite, Kyanite- wonderful choices) will stimulate this area, yoga poses that open the physical throat, specific essential oils, affirmations, and meditating with intent to open the throat chakra.   Simply wearing the color blue can assist you in living more authentic to your true self.  Subtle- yet effective.  My favorite way to charge up the Vishuddha Chakra is to turn on some tunes that you know all of the words to and BELT IT OUT BABY.  This cleanses and purifies the entire center, and it just feels great too. 

Meditation is one of the greatest tools that we have to create more meaningful lives in general and also to fine tune specific issues or areas such as chakras in the body.  Below is a meditation intended to awaken the throat chakra.   

Bee’s Breath Pranayama for Stimulating the Throat

Start by stimulating the throat chakra with the breathing exercise called Bhramari or Bee’s Breath.  Take a full inhaling breath and as you exhale, with your teeth together, begin to hum.  You will notice that you begin to fill with the vibration of the bee’s breath.  Continue as long as you would like, pausing and coming back to regular breathing whenever you feel appropriate. 

As you begin to make yourself comfortable for meditation, take a mudra for the throat.  Interlace your fingers with the palms facing up and then let your thumbs touch over the top. 

 Throat Chakra Awakening Meditation

Come into a comfortable seated position.  Begin to feel the connection of your sit bones unto the earth.  Rooting down, allow your spine to gently drift up towards the sky and all the way through the crown of your head.  As you inhale, allow your shoulders to gently fall away from the ears softly resting down the back.  Feel your collarbones wide and heart open.

Begin now to watch the flow of life giving breath throughout your body.  Become an outside observer of all the areas the body gently moves as you fill yourself with life force.   On your next inhaling breath repeat the words “I am” silently to yourself and “truth” on your exhale. 

Begin now to think of a time when you felt yourself speaking your own truth.  You were able to express yourself freely and easily with clear intent.  Begin to cultivate the feelings you experienced as you felt this confident power within yourself.  If you haven’t experienced this for yourself- just imagine how it would feel if you did.  Whatever comes to you allow it to flow into your heart space and then ripple into every cell of your being. 

Visualize now at your throat chakra a beautiful and glowing blue vortex.  As it spins it begins to cleanse the throat chakra of any fixed ideas, resistance to change, or feelings of being out of touch with your own desires.  Invite these to be released through the spinning blue vortex.

As this vortex has been cleansed it begins to gain momentum, growing ever more vibrant in color and larger in size.  It begins to encircle and then fill your entire being nourishing each and every cell with clear communication, truth, and creativity.

Imagine now that you are walking through an open field filled with wildflowers.  You look up and see nothing but clear blue sky.  You begin to notice sound all around you.  Rustling of the grass.  Birds chirping.  A stream trickling in the distance.  It is ever so quiet in this space but yet so alive.  As you begin to walk towards the stream you notice the rays of the sun beating down upon your skin.  Visualize yourself throwing your arms up to the sky and drop your head backwards.  Invite these rays into the center of your throat to cleanse and charge this center.  Imagine your throat chakra cleansed and awakened.  With each breath that you take you feel an immense ability to walk this life living in your own truth. 

Feel again your sit bones in connection to the earth.  Visualize roots flowing from the base of your spine and moving into the core of the earth.  Gently begin to blink open your eyes, bringing your awareness back to the here and now. 

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